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As a leading independent materials testing, analysis and consultancy organisation to the medical device industry, The Innovative Health Organisations knowledge of products, packaging, chemistry and materials (materials, polymers, foams) is both extensive and diverse in the field of medical device testing.

What’s more, The Innovative Health Organisation is leading the way in materials innovation by developing a portfolio of new materials and technologies for its clients, such as novel modular hybrid air and foam solutions.

From initial concept and design, through to manufacturing consultancy and after-use evaluation, The Innovative Health Organisation has worked to assist in the development and improvement of a wide range of medical devices and medical equipment including:

  • Pressure reducing mattresses, cushions and dvices for those At Risk of Pressure Ulcers
  • Pressure relieving mattresses, cushions and devices for those patients with pressure ulcers grade 1-4.
  • Biomaterial, grafts, cements, foams, powders and putties
  • Wound care products
  • Electrical stimulation for drop foot
  • Diagnostic and monitoring equipment
  • Packaging and packaging materials.

Materials Testing